Over the last decade, the Black Infant Health Program has helped many Fresno African-American women have healthy babies. Read from real BIH moms, recent and past clients, about how the Black Infant Health Program helped them.

Testimonial"When I got into the Black Infant Health (BIH) Program I was scared and didn’t know what to do. I knew nothing about babies or how to take care of a child. This program has helped me by teaching me about babies and how to take care of them. I not only received information, but any questions that I had were answered. I am thankful for this program and all of the help that I have received. I decided to go back to school so that I can better myself and take better care of my son. So far, I have been successful in school and in being a good mother. I have a beautiful, smart, and healthy baby and a bright future thanks to the BIH Program."

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Testimonial"My experience with Black Infant Health (BIH) has helped me a lot to learn how to cope with being a mother and also how to cope with a child that’s growing every second of the day. My nurse has helped me with my daughter even before she came into this world; helping me to eat right and stay on my health and appointments. And now since my daughter is almost two, we have to say good bye but having that good bonding experience with BIH is the most important of them all. I know the program has helped me and my family, so I know it will help you and your family; and the good thing it’s a free program and they work with your time and schedule."


Testimonial"I discovered the Black Infant Health Program during a very difficult time in my life. I was a young newlywed stuck in an abusive relationship. I was pregnant with my second child, battling a severe case of morning sickness and depression when a friend told me about the program. This was the day that my life changed and a new chapter in my life began. My public health nurse was a Godsend. She educated me about having a healthy pregnancy, taught me about nutrition, exercise, danger signs of pregnancy and how to engage my 18-month-old daughter. She gave me the motivation to feel better and the encouragement to do greater things as a mother and as an individual. She discovered a light in me that had slowly dimmed through the years of abuse and unhealthy relationships.

My Public Health Nurse provided much more than a monthly visit to talk about my health, she showed a genuine concern for me and my total wellbeing as we discussed a better quality of life and all that that entails. One day, she encouraged me to apply for a job with the very company that brought me hope, Babies First. Not long after I began working for Babies First I received the courage to break away from the abuse and return to school to obtain a degree. I quickly began exposing other pregnant, parenting, and even battered women to a better way to live. Today, I have completed a Masters degree in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy and I am currently working for the Department of Children and Family Services as a Registered Intern, Marriage and Family Therapy. As I diligently work towards my lifelong goal of obtaining a doctorate degree in clinical Psychology, I smile at the opportunity allotted to me, a young girl from the heart of West Fresno. It is finally my turn to give back to my community the hope and inspiration that one special woman instilled in me. I thank God for sending the Black Infant Health Program, to me. "

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